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Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A renewal of vows ceremony is often celebrated by couples on a special anniversary, or by couples who weren't able to have all of their family and friends attend their original legal marriage ceremony for various reasons. 

Whatever the reason for this renewal of vows ceremony, Fiona would be delighted to design and prepare a ceremony that reflects the love that a couple has shared.

Renewal of vows ceremony is a day when the married couple reassure each other.  When they express to each other deep loyalty and loving trust as the basis of their marriage relationship.

A reaffirmation of vows follows the same guidelines as a wedding ceremony, but without the legal requirements.

Fee is inclusive of the following:
- The initial interview and all communications 
- Preparing the ceremony in accordance with the couple’s wishes
- Professional PA system and microphone
- Travel costs to and from the venue
- Officiating the ceremony certificate

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