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Marriage Ceremony

Getting married is one of the most important milestones in one’s life, so you want to ensure that the entire process from choosing your marriage celebrant to enjoying the ceremony is easy and straightforward! 

You can have as much or as little involvement in planning the ceremony as you wish. Fiona is here to ensure that "your" day is very special and relaxing. 

Fiona will meet with you at an initial interview and explain the marriage ceremony process to you to ensure that the parties know the “how and what”. As a general guide for couples, a ceremony may have the following components:

1. INTRODUCTION (reading, celebrant authority (Monitum), presentation of the partner/bride/groom which is commonly known as the “Giving Away”)

2. THE ASKING (vows, ring ceremony, reading, Declaration of Marriage, signing of the Marriage Register, congratulations from families and friends)

In addition, Fiona will also explain the legal documentation that needs to be completed prior to a marriage ceremony taking place.

To provide you with an indication of the paperwork that is required, below is a brief synopsis: 

1. Notice of Intended Marriage (this document contains personal information in relation to the pending married couple to be – most of the information will be on your birth certificate. If either party has been married previously, then evidence of how the last married ceased needs to be provided. It is legal requirement that this Notice of Intent to Marry document is completed at least one month and one day before your marriage and no more than 18 months beforehand). 

2. Marriage Declaration (this document is similar to a Statutory Declaration. Each of the parties to the marriage make a declaration before Fiona as to your conjugal status and your belief that there is no legal restriction as to you both being married. As this declaration is made on the reverse side of the Official Certificate of Marriage, Fiona will provide this document at the initial interview). 

Fee is inclusive of the following:
- The initial interview and all communications 
- Preparing the ceremony in accordance with both the couple’s wishes
- Preparing and lodging all necessary legal documentation to BDM
- Professional PA system and microphone
- Travel costs to and from the venue
- Attending a rehearsal if requested
- Officiating the marriage ceremony
- Ceremony certificate

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