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Name Giving Ceremony

Welcoming a child into the world can be celebrated by way of a non-religious name giving ceremony. This is a wonderful and joyous occasion for not only the parents of the child but also enabling godparents, siblings and other significant others in the child’s life to take an important part in the ceremony. 

This ceremonial gathering encourages family and friends to come together to share the joy of this experience and to pledge their love and commitment to the new child.

Parents of the child may want to include specific rituals in the ceremony like lighting of a candle, flowers, releasing of balloons and/or bubbles.

A wonderful tradition for a name giving ceremony is the responsibility accepted by the godparents – they undertake a very special and lifelong interest in the welfare of the child.

Fiona can tailor the ceremony any way to ensure that it reflects the personality of the child and includes any significant people in the child’s life by way of godparents reading a poem or sibling participation.

Even though a name giving ceremony does not hold any legal status, it is a memorable and special occasion to welcome a child into a family. Fiona will present to the parents of the child a certificate as a momentum of their child’s special day. This certificate will be signed by parents and godparents respectively.

Fee is inclusive of the following:
- The initial interview and all communications 
- Preparing and personalising the ceremony in accordance with the parents’ wishes
- Professional PA system and microphone
- Travel costs to and from the venue
- Officiating the name giving ceremony
- Name giving certificate

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