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Registry Style Marriage Ceremony

You may be wanting to get married on a particular date that is close on the calendar however, the registry office is booked up for weeks/months, or maybe you would prefer to allocate the costs of a “typical” marriage ceremony to a more luxurious honeymoon.

Whatever your reason, Fiona can assist with a basic registry style marriage ceremony or otherwise known as a “dining room ceremony".

It is a legal requirement that the Notice of Intended Marriage document is completed at least one month and one day before your registry style marriage ceremony date and provided to Fiona.  At this time, Fiona will be required to sight your original identification documents providing proof of your date and place of birth. Photographic identification may also be required. If either you or your partner has been previously married, original documentation of how the previous marriage ended will also need to be provided.

Once all legal documentation has been completed, Fiona will be able to perform a registry style marriage ceremony in one month and one day in a location of your choice – whether it be in your own home, backyard or an intimate location.

As part of the registry style marriage ceremony, the pending married couple to be will need to provide a total of two (2) witnesses who must be over the age of 18 and of sound mind.  The witnesses will be required to witness and sign the documentation at the ceremony.

This basic registry style marriage ceremony is simply an option for couples whereby their specific circumstances warrant a basic ceremony.  

For those couples who are seeking a more personalised, traditional ceremony and not just the legal wording, Fiona can cater for all types of marriage ceremonies.

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