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Marriage Ceremony Ritual – Sand Ceremony

There are some beautiful symbolic rituals that can be added into your marriage ceremony to personalise your special day and also to have a keepsake to put in a special place in your home – Sand Ceremony.

Many couples are now opting for a Sand Ceremony to be part of the wedding ceremony which can be done in a few different ways with the ultimate symbolic meaning that the bond between a bride and groom or a bride, groom and their respective children can never be separated.

It is a common thought amongst brides and grooms that this ritual can only be done if getting married on or near a beach…the fact is, you can have a Sand Ceremony as part of your marriage ceremony no matter where you get married!

In the instance of a bride and groom, they each have a flask contained with a different colour sand and the bride and groom either separately pour their sands into a vase forming a layer each or alternatively, they can pour their different coloured sands in together which symbolises the “blending of the sands”.

This Sand Ceremony ritual is also a way to involve children of the bride and groom or from a previous marriage to be involved in the ceremony as well. The child or children can also have their own coloured sand and either pour in altogether or separately to keep the layers. If layers are kept, the family can blend the sands at a later time which once again symbolises the blending of the sands.

Just as the grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual flasks, so will your lives be. As you each are individuals, so now is the reality that you are one, never to be separated one from the other”.

For information on where to purchase supplies for your Sand Ceremony, click here.


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