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The Best Month To Get Married

What is the best month to get married is a question I often get asked from brides and grooms. Yes, some months are hotter than others particularly in Queensland however, who can really predict the weather and especially 6-12 months in advance.

When working out what is the best month to get married in, primarily consider what suits you both. Obviously it is best to avoid the period from mid December to mid January as this is the time when majority of your guests may be on holidays and are wanting to spend precious time with their families.

Last year, my busiest months for couples getting married were May, August and October.

When trying to decide on what is the best month to get married, work out how much time you will comfortably need to plan your wedding and also to notify your guests. It should be a fun and relaxing process and one whereby you don’t sweat the small things. If you are having interstate/overseas guests, provide them with ample time as they can then organise flights and accommodation at a reasonable price. Send out a “Save the Date”.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, no matter what month, have a wet weather program. Mind you, they say if it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck so don’t let rain drops spoil your special day!

So in conclusion….what is the best month to get married? If we are solely taking Queensland weather into consideration, from many years of conducting wedding ceremonies, I would say anywhere from early March to late November!


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